Tour Level Custom Fit Suite

At Custom Golf Works we treat our customers like tour professionals. When you visit us for a fitting no stone will be left unturned in finding the equipment that will maximise your performance.

Using the latest Foresight QUAD and CAPTO putting we will make you hit it longer, straighter and closer to the flag than you ever have before. And when you get on our hydraulic putting green we will evaluate exactly why you miss and why you hole putts.

We take a holistic view of performance and if a change of body motion is required our PGA qualified coaching staff are ready to help you with the swing changes that will make you perform better. Please contact us at for more information about our world class putting evaluation lab, tuition packages.

Our Fitting & Simulator Services

Iron Fitting 1 hour £75
Wood Fitting 1 hour £75
Bag fitting Woods/ Irons / 2 hrs £150 ”

Putter fitting and evaluation £75
PGA Professional Coaching 1 hour £75

Workshop Services

Loft and Lie adjustment
Putter loft and Lie adjustment

Custom Wedge Grinding

Shaft replacement
Swing weighting
Custom club stamping
Custom Paint filling of clubs for that different look

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